Experienced and proficient programmer with a strong track record in overseeing the entire software development process. Specializes in creating and maintaining user-centric applications aligned with company requirements. Known for producing high-quality code, resolving issues, and enhancing software performance. Expertise in seamless integration of software components to achieve functional systems. Demonstrated success in leading intricate projects to achieve customer contentment. Skilled at refining and enhancing programs through systematic evaluation. Collaborative team player accustomed to both collaborative and independent work in dynamic settings. Additionally, holds a SAFe 6.0 POPM certification, showcasing expertise in agile project management.

I am a dedicated and highly skilled C++ developer with five years of hands-on experience in crafting, optimizing, and managing cutting-edge software applications using C++. My proficiency lies in translating intricate algorithms into efficient and maintainable code, and my track record includes a 20% performance enhancement in an application’s core functionalities. My role as a Scrum Master and Product Owner has empowered me to lead Agile teams effectively, align projects with business objectives, and facilitate seamless collaboration. My educational background features a degree in Computer Science, equipping me with a strong grasp of data structures, algorithms, and software engineering. Through cross-functional teamwork, mentorship, and a commitment to continuous learning, I’ve honed the art of contributing to design discussions, fostering code quality, and driving innovation in every project.

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Second week as Software Engineer at Manomotion AB

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This image was taken on a faithful Friday at the Manomotion office at Drottningsgatan 82 Stockholm

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