Majestic & Beautiful, M&B Plus, is an African beauty and fashion brand which exudes the beauty and pride of the African heritage. Not restricted to Africans, M&B defines and accentuates the quality and strength of African trends and patterns. Majestic & Beautiful provides hair braiding, clothing and photography services.

Hair Unit

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M&B Plus Cornrows Source : M&B Photography

M&B Plus jealously guards and takes pride in the strength of the natural hair. M&B Plus solves and handles natural hair related concerns or troubles such as:
– Breaking/falling hair – Stagnant hair that won’t grow beyond a certain length – Fragile hairline – Dry/Itchy/flaky scalp, etc

Clothing Brands

– Ankara accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, bags, belts, shoes/flats, head gears and the likes.

Ankara accessories
Ankara accessories


– Professional and creative photo sessions for all kinds of occasions. Rental of different kinds of accessories needed for photo-shoots such as crowns, staffs, wigs, etc.

Which service are you opting for?
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M&B Hair Plus: Be and feel Beautiful and Majestic at a reasonable cost!

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